Google Ads Reviews

How Google Ads is helping Australian Business owners gain new customers from the internet.

Here’s what a few Google Ads customers have to say about Google:

“AdWords produces far more results for us than any other form of advertising. On top of that, these results can be easily tracked. We have complete control of our online advertising and are given all the tools necessary to easily see what’s working and what’s not, which will allows us to make appropriate changes to achieve great success.”

Monique Conheady talks about how Google Ads helped accelerate the growth of her business…

“Google AdWords is the front door to our business. Everyone uses the Internet, and Google allows us to effectively reach our customers, who would have never been able to find us otherwise. Google AdWords is still the only advertising product we use here at The Complete Basketcase. We will be using it for as long as we are in business.”

Learn how The Complete Basketcase, a gift retailer in Australia, used Google Ads to grow its business.

The founders of this Sydney-based, international tour operator talk about how they use Google Ads to grow their business.

“What Google AdWords has done is open up overseas markets for us and has made Chimu an international company. Only about 35% of our business comes from Australia. The rest comes from all over the world, and they wouldn’t have even known about us if it weren’t for Google.”

“Up to 80% of our new business comes from Google Ads. I know exactly how much money I’ve spent, how many leads I’ve got as a result, how many sales have resulted from those leads, and how much money has come in from those sales. Unless you do that you could be throwing away a lot of money and not know what is working and what isn’t.”

Leona Watson, from this Sydney-based team building company, talks about how Google Ads helped attract a large number of customers to her business.

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