Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

The mobile phone has become your customer’s computer. (true!)

“Over the last few years, in most industries more people accessed the internet by mobile phones than desktop computers.”

The customers you want are mobile users. They want access to your website using their mobile phone…

But is your website ‘Mobile Ready’?

If it’s not ‘Mobile Ready’, then good, cash carrying, busy customers are passing you by. ..and your competitors will gladly accept their business….

Unless you do something about it!


What’s a mobile friendly site?

It’s a responsive website designed specifically to display well to mobile users and mobile devices. It’s fast to load and easy to use with no pinching and zooming required.

Every day more and more of your customers (our client statistics average around 60-70% mobile views compared to 30-40% desktop) are looking for your business on mobile devices. If you don’t have a site that works for mobile, you’re missing out. 61% of users are unlikely to return to a site that’s not mobile friendly. On the other hand, customers embrace sites that are built for mobile – consumer engagement increases by 85% with a website designed for mobile devices.

Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile Website Right Now?

Well not only for the obvious aesthetic benefits, however there is one killer problem your business should be aware of. Google favours websites that are mobile friendly and responsive and lately it’s hard to find a non-responsive website on the first page of organic search or in the highly sought after Google Business Profile 3 Pack.

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